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Fareeha Khawaja

Fareeha Khawaja

Washington DC, DC


Visual Artist and Photographer

Born in a valley of the Himalayas in Northern Pakistan, Fareeha Khawaja is an artist without borders. Her passion is to travel and, through her art, bring the message of peace and harmony and promote freedom through creative collaboration with distressed communities. Fareeha started traveling at a very young age and drew inspiration from different cultures but her heritage may still have a more subliminal effect that comes through in many of her paintings. Fareeha studied oil painting for two years at the University of Punjab, Lahore Pakistan where she graduated with a Bachelor degree in Arts which galvanized her innate passion and desire to create art and further helped her explore her artistic abilities. However, Fareeha categorizes her art as 'Outsider Art' and believes in the school of thought that supports free thinking and exploration and proudly describes herself as self-taught. Her art is characterized as enigmatic, with hidden obscurities and a further meaning that compels one to go on thinking and looking.

"Art constantly grows, redefines, and evolves itself, sometimes radically and sometimes it's just a simple mind transition, but I believe art is a utensil for intellectual transformation and social change. It simply is inexhaustible". ~ Fareeha

Fareeha's paintings have a vast multiplicity in styles. She experiments with figurative, whimsical, realistic, abstract and surrealistic styles. Her abstracts are intriguing amalgam of rugged textures, spontaneous colors, sporadic lines and loud emotions, which she uses as metaphors to express the ongoing chaos in the world; with an attempt to release the negative and imbibe the positive. Whereas her surrealistic portraits are truly a woman's narrative, depicting powerful images of women; a subject whose power and intensity one cannot fail to notice. Her recent series "Jinga Art - A Dream of Peace," is a study and fusion of whimsical & fantasy folk "Truck Art" of Pakistan, that brings a message of peace, love and harmony. Jinga paintings depict jovial moods, glitzy flamboyant colors, simple blatant emotions and inscrutable tales of the distant lands.

Fareeha is an active member of DC art community & also the founder of “Artists Without Borders” Washington, DC chapter. She volunteers and teaches art in Pakistan, Afghanistan, El Salvador, & at local rehabilitation centers. Fareeha recently traveled to Afghanistan & El-Salvador and taught collaborative children art workshops at Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC) Kabul, Afghanistan & at “Campemeneto” magic, art & juggling camp in El Salvador. Her most recent series “Run Away with a Circus” is inspired by her volunteer work in Afghanistan, which focuses on peace through creativity and circus art. Fareeha's passion is working with multicultural, distressed communities in camps, shelters, orphanages, prisons, and in war-torn countries where creativity is often forgotten. With her art she wants to help individuals reclaim life, light and laughter and regain their inner strength and peace.


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